Okay, I have to admit, I was skeptical at first.

I wondered, why would I need an iPad mini when I already have an iPhone and an iPad.

Even more, if I’m going to upgrade my iPad from the original iPad to a newer one, shouldn’t I go for the biggest and best?

I came so close to buying the new iPad Retina but then decided I had to get the mini and give it a try.

True, the newest iPad, the iPad Retina, is much supposedly twice as fast as the iPad 3 and the iPad Mini.In addition, the iPad Retina has the amazingly beautiful retina display. None of the other  iPads have it.

Well. I Love It !!

I think the iPad mini is the coolest thing!

It is the “just right” combination of size and utility.  It is so much smaller and lighter than the full size iPad, yet still big enough to read and use easily. I can carry it easily and hold it up for reading for a long time. It just feels good!

Now, you might ask, what about the Kindle Fire HD or one of the Samsung tablets/pads. That is a good question.  A very good question.

My goal here is not to compare it to those devices.  They are great for what they are.  I wanted one of the iPads because it goes well with all my other iOS devices (iPhone, iMac, MacBook Air), I already have a big collection of apps, and I want to be able to FaceTime my family back east.

My son has a Kindle Fire HD and he loves that.  He does not use the same apps as me.  He uses it for reading books, playing games, and researching on the web. He can use Skype instead of FaceTime if he needs to.

My iPad Mini is a little thinner and lighter than his Kindle Fire HD, but bigger than a Kindle reader, and more expensive than both.

In summary, I love my iPad Mini and use it all the time. If that’s what you are looking for, go for it.

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