Just in time to preempt Apple’s expected iPhone 5 and iPad Mini announcements, Amazon introduced its updated family of Kindles. They introduced six (6) new modesl:

8.9″ Kindle Fire HD 4G — $499
8.9″ Kindle Fire HD         — $299
7.0″ Kindle Fire HD         — $199
7.0″ Kindle                         — $159

Kindle Paperwhite 3G      — $179
Kindle Paperwhite            — $119
Kindle                                  — $69

Amazon Kindle Fire HD - Kindle Paperwhite

Here’s a quick summary of the features and differences:

  • The Kindle Fire HD’s are tablets like an iPad or Android tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy.  You can download apps, watch videos and more.
  • The Kindle Fire HD’s have high definition color displays, dual stereo speakers, and Dolby audio.
  • The 4G version of the Kindle Fire HD supports ultra-fast 4G LTE wireless for an incredible price of only $49.99 /year (250 MB/month). All versions of the Kindle Fire HD support very fast Wi-Fi.
  • The Kindle Paperwhites and plain Kindle are e-readers, for reading books, magazines and more.
  • The new Kindle Paperwhite models have better displays than the older modes: i.e., improved picture quality along with whiter whites and blacker blacks.
  • The Kindle Paperwhite models now also have built-in front lights, so you can read in bright sunlight as well as in dark places, without any accessories.
  • The Kindle Paperwhite 3G has free 3G wireless, so you can download and synchronize your reading almost anywhere, even if Wi-Fi is not available.
  • The $69 Kindle has improved fonts and 15% faster page turns than the previous model, at an incredibly low price of only $69.

All of Amazon’s Kindles are amazing products.  I especially love the readers, which are so affordable and enable you to carry and read an almost unlimited number of books with you anywhere you go.

I will go into more detail of their features and how to use them in future posts.  In the meantime, check them out at Amazon.com.

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