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The “Cloud ” our great savior in the Sky!  It does everything, it saves everything!  Or does it?

Last week we talked about “What Is The Cloud“. One of it’s great features of some clouds is that they backs up your data.

Let’s look at […]

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We have all heard of the cloud, when it comes to our smartphones, tablets, computers and more. But what is the cloud? Is there only one cloud?  Why do I care about the Cloud?

These are all good questions, some of which are easy to answer.

Let’s start with the first and hardest: What is […]

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As with everything on Smartphones and tablets these days, they pack a lot of functionality and features into a little space.  Then they try to make it as easy to use as possible.  To their credit, once you get use to a device, it is easy to use.

For example, on the iPad, next to […]

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I frequently get asked if it is possible to delete multiple email messages easily.  Actually, it is very easy, once you know how.  The same process applies to moving your emails to a different email folder or marking the emails.

Here is how to do it on the iPad and iPhone.  Below is how to […]

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Here’s a nifty little trick that not everyone knows.  Have you ever been viewing something on your iPhone or iPad and just wanted a quick way to save what you are seeing?

You can take a very high resolution picture (snapshot) of your iPhone’s or iPad’s screen very easily.  When I say easily, it does […]

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The Secret Zoom

On May 18, 2012 By

Do you ever have trouble reading the details on your iPad or iPhone screen?

We all know that you can zoom in on pictures and web pages using the pinch or finger spread, but there are times when you need the zoom and it just doesn’t work. Some apps don’t allow zooming and other, like […]

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Have you ever been scrolling down the page on your iPhone or iPad only to realize you need to go back to the top but don’t want to go through all that scrolling again to gt there?

There is a very easy, quick way to do that. I mean really easy.

Simply tap the status […]

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Have you ever found yourself constantly hitting the Shift / Caps button?  Do you wish there was a Caps Lock on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad?

Well there is, and once you know the secret, it is very easy:

Simply double tap the Shift / Caps button  twice in quick succession.

I’m sure there will […]

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Watching expenses on your iPhone.  Are you worried that your kids will spend too much on your iPhone while playing games?

There is a very simple solution:
Just make sure that In-App Purchases are disabled.

This is very easy to do and you easily have the option of re-enabling them yourself  if needed.

Here […]

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