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I often get people telling me they got a message from Apple/iCloud that they are running out of iCloud memory and need to buy more storage, “What should they do?” (See a copy of a sample letter below.)

You can buy more storage, as they suggest, but backing up to your computer is much better.


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The question often comes up: “How much data do I need on my data plan?”

The answer is easy.  “It depends”.

It really depends on what you do with your smartphone & tablet. 🙂

According to research firm NPD, a sample of 1000 android users shows how much memory people use.

” The overwhelming majority of […]

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I often get asked how to keep email synchronized across all my devices. For example, if I read then delete and email on my smartphone, I do not want to have to see it again when I get back to my desktop computer.

The answer is straight forward.  When you setup your email, make sure […]

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Okay, last time we talked about the three tiers of gift giving.

For the first tier, I made the overly obvious recommendation of smartphones, tablets, or Kindes.

Today, I have some more creative suggestions that fit into the second tier: Those close […]

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Wow, it’s hard to believe the holidays are almost upon us!

If you haven’t already done so, it is time to tart thinking about buying gifts for everyone. You need to by gifts for family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Sometimes it literally does feel like everyone.

You probably divide your purchases into three broad groups:

Those […]

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Reminder: tonight we set the clocks back by one hour.  You get an extra hour of sleep (or partying).

Yes, you might already know that, but these days, you are never sure which time piece is giving you the correct time and which has the old time?

Chances are, that your computer, smartphone, tablet, and […]

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Is Free Really Free?

On October 31, 2012 By

It is amazing how many FREE apps there are for our smartphones and tablets.

Are people really that generous  that they don’t need you to pay them for all their hard work?

I’ll give you a little hint: “No“.

Here’s my Tip for the week – Free apps are NOT entirely free.  But, YES you […]

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Very Useful Chrome Browser

On October 17, 2012 By

My search to find useful information that benefits the most people is getting harder and harder.

For years I have been using Mozilla’s Firefox browser. It has many great features that make it very useful.  Most specifically, I like the way; if it closes for any reason, either intentionally or unintentionally, when I reopen it, […]

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This is just a simple, friendly reminder to always be careful when responding to emails and even text messages that might look suspicious.

You’ve probably heard lots of warnings to never open emails from strangers and to not click on links or download files you you think might not be safe, but there is even […]

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There was so much news a few weeks back about Facebook’s purchase of Instagram for a billion dollars.  I kept asking myself, why is Instagram so popular and important when I can already upload as many photos as I want, from my iPhone or Android smartphone, to Facebook and share with over 900 million other […]

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