Google Maps is finally back for the iPhone!

Since Apple released it’s latest version of the iPhone operating system, iOS6 people have been complaining.

The two biggest complaints against Apples Maps are:
1) Accuracy – This is a really important one.  What good is a map if you can’t trust the results?
2) Lack of Public Transportation Routes.

Apple’s Maps app had some really nice features too, such as 3D, great image quality, flyover aerial views of major cities, and real time traffic routing.

It’s hard for anyone to match the accuracy and amount of information that Google has.  They have had teamsof people working on their maps for years.  They have a fleet of cars that just drive around taking street view pictures all day. They have teams of people reviewing users feedback and making updates all the time.  Basically, they’ve had tons of experience and constant maintenance.

Currently Apple’s Map app is integrated into the system, so it is the default app and coordinates with other apps cleanly.

Google Maps has a lot of the same features as Apple’s, such as real-time rerouting, voice guidance, aerial views.  But it also has walking and public transportation directions, as well as driving, information on related locations, indoor views, and much more.

Hopefully they’ll soon come out with an iPad version as well.

What do you think of the Google Map app versus Apple’s?  Do you think Apple will give up on theirs and replace it with Google’s again in a future iOS release?

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