The iPhone 5 has finally arrived! (Hey, that almost rhymes.)

It is too soon for a detailed analysis, but after reading many reviews, there are some very common responses.

It is surprising.  You can tell it is bigger (taller), thinner, and lighter, but still has a very good, substantial, solid feel.

Other Changes:

  • Faster Processor – apps open and work quicker
  • Faster Internet – if you are lucky enough to be in an area that supports 4G LTE, web pages and emails load quicker
  • Better Camera – take multiple pictures quicker and better low light sensitivity
  • Changed The Dock Connector – the new connector, called the lightning connector, is smaller and easier to use.  This means, you need to buy one or more adapters if you want to use your iPhone with existing equipment.*
  • New Maps Program – Has better graphics and color than the original Google Maps app on the iPhone. It also supports turn-by-turn voice navigation & automatic rerouting. However, it is prone to inaccuracies and does not have integrated transit routes.  Although this really due to iOS6, it is automatically part of the iPhone5.

Most of the other significant features are related to the iOS6 updates, which you can get on the iPhone 4S, iPad 3rd gen, and to some extent, other iOS devices.

* New dock connector – This has been a controversial change.  It means that the new iPhone5 is no longer immediately compatible with existing connectors you might already have.  In most cases, you can buy an adapter.  Yes, this is an extra expense and pain for those who are upgrading from previous iPhones or already have an iPad or iPod. But, as I see it, it was a necessary change.  From this point forward, all of Apple’s new devices will be able to take advantage of this change, which frees up more space within the device to add features and also supports more capabilities. This change was inevitable.

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