Do you have a small business or a hobby and wish that you could accept credit cards like the big stores, but without a lot of expense and without having to jump through hoops to get qualified?Receive Credit Card Payments

There is a very simple answer.  You’ve probably already seen it without even realizing it.

The solution is by a company called SquareUp. And it is so easy, it’s almost ridiculous.

And if you already own a smartphone or tablet, it is FREE to get started. The only cost is when you charge someone’s credit card.  It is a fixed rate of 2.75% of the charge, when you swipe any major credit card.

You can even use your iPad as a register to simplify ringing up people’s purchases.

I know this sounds like a sales pitch, but I get nothing for this.  It’s just that I’ve been using this and it is so much easier than the alternatives.  I just love it when something works and I love sharing the information. Its also so small (about the size of a few stacked quarters on a short stick), you can carry it almost anywhere.

If you’ve been to a flea market, fair, or expo you’ve probably already seen it!



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