The release date for the iPhone 5 is getting close.  Rumors abound as to what features it will have and how it will be different than the iPhone 4S.

Even the name “iPhone 5” is still open for speculation. Remember, many expected the iPhone after the iPhone 4 to be called the iPhone 5, but instead was given the name iPhone 4S. They also speculated the iPad following the iPad 2 was not iPad 3, but “The New iPad”.

The latest news predicts Apple will announce the next iPhone on September 12 and start pre-sales on the same date, with  actual availability to follow a few days later.

Worldwide sales of all cell phones has declined in anticipation of the new iPhone.

According to PCWORLD, many iPhone dealers have reduced the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S to help spur sales.  Even Apple has reduced the price, but you have to ask for the discount.  They are have not announced it.

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